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Letter to The Economist by Senator Ana Mercedes Gómez‏

Dear Sir:

Colombia’s Centro Democratico,CD, is a political party that wants peace for our country. One of the differences with President Juan Manuel Santos’ Peace Process is that we, CD members, want a peace that follows the principles of The International Criminal Court.

This means that we accept that guerrillas’ chiefs have a short period in jail but can not become part of a post in any power of Colombia, be it the Legislative, the Executive or the Judicial branch, as any Colombian that has been condemned for similar crimes.

The reason for this condition is that guerrillas’ chiefs are immersed  in crimes of war and against Mankind.

On the contrary, guerrilla’s men and women who were recruited being children, forced to follow chiefs, and are not war criminals, will be welcomed and will have generous support to return to the Colombian Institutionality, study and work, and can be part of the three branches of our democracy, if they want that life’s option. If they prefer not to engage in politics, the civil society will accept them and will help them with study and work.

CD wants peace but without impunity. CD wants peace but asks of guerrillas not only to stop using any type of guns but give them to the Constitutional Authorities.

CD wants that all Colombians follow the Rule of Law and accept that Colombia is a Social State of Rights.

CD do not want a Communist regime as the island of Cuba is.

CD is Center. Neither right nor left.

Sincerely Yours,

Ana-Mercedes Gomez-Martinez

CD’s Senator